Everyday Choices

This blog has been a brainchild a long time in the making, so naturally, picking a topic to write about first wasn’t easy. Out of all the fitness-related stuff I’ve contemplated over the years and wanted to share, the first topic could have been workout related, recipe related, goals related, and the list goes on. But to kick things off, I want to start with a theme that’s essentially what sparked my interest in sharing what I know with you: everyday choices.

If you take a second to read the “about this blog” segment, you’ll see that my philosophy behind this blog and my outlook on staying healthy and fit is one based on balance. Sure, you can be in perfect shape 365 days a year, but you’ll be neglecting other really important (and fun!) aspects of your life in order to do so. To me, it’s not worth it to be in flawless shape if you can’t enjoy it and show it off.

However, there’s also a lot of responsibility that comes with committing to making fitness your lifestyle. When I say that I like to go out on the weekends, cheat and eat dessert sometimes or make it a totally lazy Sunday on the couch one week, those are things that I believe I’ve earned because I’m dedicated to my everyday choices.

This all goes back to a sort of “light-bulb” experience I had one day about seven years ago. About six months into my grown-up job out of college, I was at New Hire training outside of Dallas. The hotel we stayed at was far away from anything else, but they offered an inclusive breakfast buffet every morning. As breakfast buffets go, this one was pretty epic. It had eggs, sausage, bacon, fruit, beans, donuts, toast, muffins, etc. Essentially the whole nine yards. I was sitting alone that morning, eating my eggs, two pieces of bacon and fruit, when I noticed an overweight woman eating nearby with a plate loaded with mainly bread (donut, muffin, toast), some eggs and lots of sausage. It occurred to me that my eating choices, exemplified on my plate, had most likely been a main factor for the way I looked, and her eating choices, exemplified by her plate, were most likely responsible for the way she looked. There we were, side by side examples of cause and effect.

Now, I realize that this was an assumption on my behalf about many things about this woman whom I knew essentially nothing about. I’m not claiming to know 100 percent why she was unhealthily overweight. However, it got me thinking about the choices that we make every day. Both she and I were faced with the same options for the same meal, away from home. Still, we’d chosen nearly opposite breakfasts.

That day, if I’d eaten her breakfast instead of mine, I probably wouldn’t have gained any weight. Similarly, if she had eaten my breakfast instead of hers, then she probably wouldn’t have magically dropped any weight. The fact of the matter is that it’s the choices that we make every day, all day, that add up to how we look and feel.

It’s all about finding a balance every day and seeing a bigger picture, I think. When I go out to eat, I look for the healthiest options. If I really don’t want like those options, then I get something maybe a little less healthy but sub a side salad and eat that first. That way, at least I’m getting some veggies and fiber in there, and I fill myself up with those first. I hardly ever eat both buns on a burger. If I go out to grab drinks with a friend, then I might get wine instead of a carby beer. Sometimes I get the carby beer and stick with the healthiest dinner option.

The same goes for daily exercise. I don’t mean going to the gym – that’s a topic for another day. I mean walking up the escalator at the metro instead of riding it or taking the elevator. I’m talking about walking to your gate at the airport instead of taking the five people movers. You might not realize it, but you’re faced with dozens of opportunities to make healthy choices every day. They’re literally everywhere. You just have to see them and take advantage of them!

There’s a ton I can’t wait to share with you about topics like this and so many others that go back to living a healthy, fit life that you can actually enjoy. Until next time, please take a look around the site. I hope you find it all as exciting as I do!image


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