About me

My fitness journey began against my will, and it’s the best thing I never asked for.


I was 16, didn’t play sports in high school and had been skinny my whole life when I started dating someone who was into lifting weights. Honestly, I started working out because it was something we could do together. I’d always hated exercise. I figured that I was already skinny, so why bother putting myself through the pain of working out? But when he started slacking on the workouts, wanting to go less and less often, I started to realize that not going was making me unhappy. I craved the consistency, the satisfaction, the sense of accomplishment. A seed had been planted that had taken root and would only grow and expand in ways I could have never expected.

Fast forward four years later, and I was a sophomore at the University of Maryland. I had just ended that high school-into-College relationship, and with the end of that chapter came a renewed sense of self. I’d been lifting weights and exercising all along, but I’d stubbornly refused to believe everything I’d heard about the importance of healthy eating. I’d been skinny my whole life, I argued! I just wanted to gain muscle! I ignorantly believed that those healthy-eating lectures didn’t apply to me. But with my new beginning, I decided to give it a try. What did I have to lose, right? I swapped chicken, turkey sausage and ground beef with vegetables and brown rice for pasta sides, pop tarts and frozen food. I kept exactly the same lifting regimen, and you know what happened? I gained almost 20 pounds of muscle in just under three months. ALMOST TWENTY POUNDS. Now, I know that a lot of peoples’ goals aren’t to gain 20 pounds of muscle, or nearly 20 percent of their body weight, but it was mine. I wanted muscle. I wanted strong, muscular legs and a butt. And I sure got them. All of a sudden, my hour-long leg workout yielded tangible gains. I could do four times as many pull-ups as before. At almost 5’4″ I went from 107 pounds to 125. The results were incredible. I was addicted (and still am).

imageFast forward eight more years to present day, and you have a much more informed, heavy-weight loving, fitness fiend who wishes that everyone understood how simple (and delicious) living healthily can really be.

Today, I weigh around 117 and feel like I’m in the best shape of my life. I go out and play on the weekends (yes, that means I eat out and drink!) with my boyfriend and friends and I have a day job five days a week like most everyone else. I believe in being happy – enjoying the good things in life, and I think that being in the best mental and physical shape is key in enjoying all that life has to offer.



Now, I just want to share it all with you!