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Who out there knows that eating perfectly and exercising every day will get you in better shape? Yeah, literally everyone. But guess what? We also have lives – fun, crazy, interesting lives that don’t revolve around when to eat the next pre-made chicken and broccoli “meal” out of a ziplock bag.

imageThe latest Instagram fitness model will have you believe that in order to be in shape that you have to drink a specific drink with specific supplements at specific times in addition to specific meals after specific workouts in order to look like them. Here’s a (non) secret that you already know: they look like that because it’s their job. It’s all they do every minute of every day. They’re literally paid to be perfect. And even they are photoshopped!

Even when it comes to those people who aren’t fitness models and are just obsessed – who has the patience for that? What’s the point of being in perfect shape if you won’t allow yourself to go to Vegas and drink too many calorie-laden drinks with your shirt off at a pool party? What’s the good in being an Adonis if you can never go out to eat, be social and enjoy yourself? Great, you look perfect. Who knows it other than you and the other meatheads at the gym? Show that shit off! Enjoy it, you earned it.

In the 12 years that I’ve made fitness my passion, I’ve discovered that you can have it all. You might not be magazine cover ready, but you can look damn good and still enjoy yourself. (The idea is to stay in great shape so that you can take a friend up on a last-minute trip to Miami, because you stay bikini ready and don’t have to spend three months getting back in shape after “taking a break.”)

Some people have called me just genetically gifted or “lucky” somehow. It’s not luck. It’s not some trick I have up my sleeve (check out the about me page for more on that). It’s being smart and working hard. There are no shortcuts, and it involves making fitness a lifestyle. But it’s also incredibly rewarding, because it gives you health, strength and most importantly, fun.

I eat cheat meals and I drink, but I also kick my own butt four times a week at the gym and eat well 90 percent of the time. That’s how I have my cake and eat it, too. I want to show you how to do that.

In these entries, I plan to share my musings about health “trends,” diet myths, workouts, recipes, tips for staying motivated, ways to get back on track, when to say it’s ok to take a day (or more) off, stories about some of the crazy things I’ve seen in and out of the gym and many, many other things. So, come join me in getting in great shape. Then, when you’ve learned a few things, we’ll grab a cocktail.


Instagram: @truth.and.fitness

facebook: @truthandfitness


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